Warranty extension

Living by the motto of our founder “do better if possible and that’s always possible”, Vacheron Constantin is now extending its creation’s International Warranty to 8 years.

Our Maison is leveraging this opportunity to deliver with all its timepieces a Digital Certificate of Ownership based on the Blockchain. This certificate, piloted since 2019 on “les Collectionneurs” collection, is now extended to all the creations of Maison, allowing to track the history of the timepieces, and holding all information about them.

By registering your timepiece you’ll also become a member of The Hour Club, Vacheron Constantin Connoisseur’s Club.

How to register your watch

There are several ways to register your watch and access The Hour Club program:

  • Scan the QR code on your warranty card
  • Visit services.vacheron-constantin.com and enter your creation's serial number
  • Ask a Sales Associate in one of our  Boutiques

Which timepieces are eligible?

All master line Vacheron Constantin watches still within the initial 2-year warranty period under the original International Limited Warranty will be eligible to benefit from a 6-year extension, for a total of 8 years warranty.

Second-hand watches purchased through the Certified Pre-Owned program at an authorized Vacheron Constantin dealer, as well as those from the Les Collectionneurs collection, do not qualify for the extended warranty.

Discover The Hour Club

Vacheron Constantin timepiece owners are fiery enthusiasts, learned aesthetes and audacious epicurean.

They are connoisseurs with an insatiable desire for discovery. They assert the culture of knowledge rather than appearance; they look forward to nurturing their passion for fine mechanics and exclusive arts. They are glad to share precious moments and live unique experiences. They capture the essence of life in every detail. The ultimate refinement is a quest for initiated only.

Welcome to The Hour Club.


Our concierge is available to answer any questions you may have or provide personalized advice.