One Of Not Many

Vacheron Constantin decided to manifest this singular spirit by working with other talents whose character and creations rise from a never-ending quest for excellence, global diversity, and a sense of innovation and artistry. These visionaries and devotees are renowned originators in their own fields. They, too, embody the "One of not many" concept.

Zaria Forman

A committed American artist, explorer and witness to changing landscapes, creates majestic pastel works based on some of the world's most remote places. Through her spirit of discovery and openness to the world, she embodies the Overseas collection alongside Cory Richards.


Photographer and explorer. He crisscrosses the world to capture the most stunning images. It goes without saying he shares the same spirit of travel, discovery and passion for the world as the Overseas line.


Both inspired and inspiring, this talented young woman has made her recent entrance in the very close circle of Haute Couture creators. In total harmony with the spirit of the Egerie collection, her universe mixes poetry, pure elegance in a passionate quest for absolute beauty.


This writer, composer, performer, and self-proclaimed "musical craftsman" is on a lifelong quest for harmony and audio perfection. Thought to be one of the most talented musical craftsmen of his generation, he has made his mark as a multi-instrumentalist virtuoso, a contemporary poet and a vocalist without equal.


Multidisciplinary designer. This self-taught designer invented the concept of "simplexity". The unique term epitomizes the balance between minimal form, understated design and mechanical mastery. A tribute to herald the Patrimony collection.

CHAN Chun Wai

As Principal Dancer at New York City Ballet, CHAN is on a constant quest for dance performance perfection, a means of elevating the art of ballet itself and a driving force commensurate with Vacheron Constantin’s uncompromising commitment to peerless Haute Horlogerie. 


We and our partners are acknowledged experts in their respective fields, exceptions within their community, sharing the same values based on their passion, their expertise, as well as their perpetual quest for excellence through exploration, innovation and perpetual self-renewal.

One of not many

"Vacheron Constantin focuses on producing a limited number of pieces. It is the only way to provide the highest levels of quality, design and craftsmanship. Our Maison strives to uphold a singular and refined standing in an industry that is already extremely selective. In that respect, we are undeniably One of not many."

One of not many - Louis Ferla - CEO of Vacheron Constantin

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