Care and transparency

A positive and healthy environment

For us, confidence is based on respect, recognition and empowerment in the construction of an environment in which everyone can give their best. Confidence goes hand in hand with transparency, and the latter is inseparable from the credibility of our words and actions. We believe in exemplarity of everyone and especially of our leadership.

Everyday commitment

Our leadership team is available to answer everyone’s questions. We communicate our company strategy and our projects regularly; we share this information during forums for our employees.

Our intranet and internal collaborative media enable regular formal and informal exchanges between employees.

"We ensure the success of our actions by bringing together our teams around company projects and giving them a common goal"

Louis Ferla - CEO Vacheron Constantin

International meetings

In order to ensure perfect transparency, we like to share important information concerning the company during forums with employees working in Switzerland, and during webcasts with employees around the world. With proximity and sharing wherever they are, we engage with every employee and make them feel involved.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

A company cannot operate over the years without learning to respect and preserve what makes it successful: its employees, its environment and the community.

We are looking for excellence in every field as well as corporate social responsibility. As a corporate citizen, open to the world, we respect the basic human rights principles, business ethics and environmental protection. Finally, we strive to preserve savoir-faire and métiers d’art.

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Events and activities

Within the Maison, celebrations are essential and are another way of rewarding every success and contribution. Every subsidiary has its own celebrations and events to share unforgettable moments. Also, we encourage our employees to take part in some sports activities offered during work time.

The challenge starts now

We are looking for curious, passionate and creative people who are not afraid to challenge themselves and push boundaries. Do you also embody the spirit of "One of Not Many"? We would be delighted to have you with us.

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