Collection and Use of Personal Information

Vacheron Constantin intends to collect your personal information as follows in order to provide membership services and to fulfil your requests and/or our contractual obligations to you.




Retention Period

Mandatory: Title, Name, E-mail address, Password, Country of Residence, Preferred language


Optional: Phone number, Date of Birth, Address, Additional contact information, Wishlist, Interests and any other personal information provided by customers


Manage membership account and customer data, provide goods, repair services or services, deal with enquiries and request, conduct customer satisfaction survey and data analysis based on your purchases (including via your account and guest purchase) and requested services to improve our products and services, manage our accounts and records, manage grievances, complaints and legal compliance, access to our client relation center, reservation of boutique visits and manage customer data

Until the earlier of (i) the achievement of the purpose of retention of personal information and (ii) 2 months following the withdrawal of membership from the website.

Retention Period shall be displayed in the following manner:

ⅰ) font size is at least 9 points, 20percent larger than the other notices,

ⅱ) distinguished by using font color, thickness, or underline


You have the right to refuse consent to the collection and use of your personal information in the manner described above.  However, if you do so, you may not be provided the membership services and we may not fulfil your requests and/or our contractual obligations to you.