Pop into the new year!

Embrace the holiday season and step into 2022 with the colourful, refreshing and spontaneous spirit of pop art. With this festive theme, we present to you a unique selection of timepieces that will generate  « Oh!!! » and « WOW!!!»,  plus turn the end of the year into a big « Bang!!! » that you and your loved ones will remember forever.

The art of wonderful clashes

Just like pop art artists, the watchmakers and designers of Vacheron Constantin have always been inspired by the daring combinations of textures, patterns and colours to create something special and truly unique. Explore our collections and you’ll see how our Maison has built its reputation on twisting conventions, composing unexpected contrasts and playing with light effects to generate emotions like no other.

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A time of Inspiration

Since 1755, our Maison has been creating extraordinary timekeepers that take inspiration from the art and culture deeply anchored in our times. On your wrist, a piece of haute horlogerie is there to remind you of the uniqueness of every second, minute and hour.  Just as pop art has the power of staging the moment in a spectacular way, we too celebrate magical moments through our watchmaking craftmanship.  

A gift to spark emotions

The essence of pop art is to surprise and provoke sudden, intense emotion. And when you offer something really exceptional to someone – or to yourself – you do exactly the same. You can share this moving feeling with our selection of ‘his and hers’ couple watches. Unboxing a Vacheron Constantin for the very first time always comes with an explosion of joy and an avalanche of exclamation marks.

Pop into the new year!

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Our brand's philosophy is to meet their expectations by designing timepieces as technically impressive as they are aesthetically stunning.

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