Send your watch for service

For your convenience, we are pleased to arrange the direct sending of your Vacheron Constantin timepiece to your local Vacheron Constantin Service Center for service.


Please register HERE.

Only genuine Vacheron Constantin timepieces (other than pocket watches) with a maximum manufacturer’s retail sale price of $100,000.00.

If you reside outside of the location from which you are browsing, please contact us.

Restricted product availability announcement

In serving our customers, our goal is to genuinely deliver high-quality products and services, while complying with regulatory requirements.

Due to a California law prohibiting the manufacture, import, or sale of alligator and crocodile products, we are currently not accepting any service request for products manufactured with those materials.

For the full terms & conditions, please consult our Conditions of Service.


Once you have received your service shipping kit:

  • Take clear photographs of your timepiece (front and back case) for your records
  • Securely package your watch following the instructions
  • Enclose a signed copy of the completed Service Request form

Should your timepiece still be within the original or extended International Limited Warranty period, please ensure to include a copy of your completed warranty card.


Send your package by scheduling a complimentary collection with our FedEx courier, or drop it off at a local FedEx Service Point.


Once received at our workshop, your timepiece will undergo a thorough diagnosis (including case opening), to determine the service(s) required to restore the optimal functional condition. 

You will receive a cost estimate by email outlining the necessary works, and possibly suggestion(s) for optional interventions recommended for aesthetical reasons.

By sending your timepiece for diagnosis you agree that it may be sent overseas to our manufacture.


Your approval of the Cost Estimate will be required for the service to proceed. In case of Free of Charge, or Services under Warranty, or Pre-Approved Value no cost estimate will be provided and the service will be automatically done.

The approved service intervention(s) will be performed within the timeframe indicated on the cost estimate. If you decline the cost estimate, if you cannot provide the necessary requested documents, or in case of violation of our Terms & Conditions of Service, we will not perform any service and will return your timepiece in the condition that it was received.


Once the service and final quality controls are completed you will receive an email inviting you to proceed with the payment (unless the service fees are covered by warranty).


Following receipt of payment, your timepiece will be securely shipped to your return delivery address.

Please be advised that we are only able to ship to residential addresses.

Please note that the shipment of your product through our transport partner must be made within the country from which you received the shipping kit.


We invite you to consult a selection of our services most frequently asked questions.

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