Les Cabinotiers

Les Cabinotiers

True Expression of Exclusivity

Loyal to the spirit of its funders, Les Cabinotiers continues the tradition of offering its clients bespoke timepieces hand-made to order, as well as releasing a yearly collection of truly unique, one-off creations. Discover our bespoke service to see how Les Cabinotiers can bring your unique idea to life.



The Les Cabinotiers department combines excellence and dedication with a group of master watchmaking professionals. Together, they strive to translate the wildest dreams in to reality in technical and artistic terms.

Designers and engineers are called upon to respond to the client’s requests. 

The Maison counts with an extraordinary range of artistic skills as the guilloche experts, enamellers, engravers and jewelry setters, who proudly continue the age-old traditions and help bring to life timepieces that are unique to the world.


Perpetually enriched with new feats, these pieces with astronomical, armillary tourbillon, grand sonnerie or sky chart complications represent the very pinnacle of Vacheron Constantin’s technical expertise.


Each year, Les Cabinotiers department creates a thematic collection inspired from a creative universe dear to the Maison.

The designers, engineers, master watchmakers and artisans explore the most advanced technologies and most-demanding savoir-faire to bring to life both extravagant and exclusive watches. Each piece from the thematic collection is therefore a small masterpiece which has been created using the perfect collaboration of experts at the height of their art.

Le Temps Céleste

There has always been an intimate conversation between time and space. The course of the planets, the moon phases and the alignment of stars hanging in the sky like a gigantic clock. 

Les Cabinotiers this year pay tribute to the astronomical origins of time measurement with a collection called “ le Temps Céleste”.

La musique du Temps

Music is all around us. By offering the world chiming watches, High Watchmaking has invented still another way in which music resonates with our stories. In this collection, Les Cabinotiers department has chosen to pay tribute to those timepieces through one-of-a-kind creations on the theme “La Musique du Temps”.

Mécaniques Sauvages

From savannah to jungle, myth to reality, the Mécaniques Sauvages features the power of majestic wild animals in an exclusive assortment of one-of-a-kind models. Humming to the beat of a minute repeater, a perpetual calendar or an armillary tourbillon. Embellished with enamelling, engraving and marquetry, the Mécaniques Sauvages springs to vibrant life ready to leap into action.


Made by the skillful hands of our master watchmakers and experienced artisans, the bespoke timepieces created for our clients endlessly push the boundaries of excellence.