“From Geometry to Artistry” Exhibition 

The art of watchmaking across time

Vacheron Constantin presents "From Geometry to Artistry," an exhibition illustrating the subtle alchemy that transforms mechanical watchmaking into objets d'art. Selected from the Maison’s heritage, an array of rare and exceptional watches will travel the world throughout 2024.

A world of shapes

Transforming mechanical instruments into art and design objects is a cherished Vacheron Constantin reality. A sketch, a geometrical design and its technical extensions give rise to a world of shapes, colours and textures specific to the Maison and its aesthetic values.

The creative momentum

Far from being self-sufficient, the technical imperatives of a Vacheron Constantin piece stimulate aesthetic exploration capable of transcending them. Above and beyond function, "form" expresses the creative momentum uniting artisans, designers, finishers, dial-makers and leather artisans around a single timepiece.

An object of contemplation

The quest for precision, rigorous execution and finely balanced forces – all essential skills in the creation of watch movements – are part of a broader purpose aimed at ensuring a timepiece becomes a medium for conveying emotions. For the Maison, watchmaking "geometry" becomes an artistic field that transforms time measurement into an object of contemplation. 

"This year's theme is a perfect illustration of the creative process that transforms a watch from a scientific object into an objet d'art."

Christian Selmoni - Style & Heritage Director
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Vacheron Constantin’s rich heritage

All the watches in this exhibition have been selected by the Vacheron Constantin Heritage Department, which is home to more than 1,600 timepieces dating from the 18th century to the present day, as well as tools and items of furniture. This collection is complemented by an impressive archive covering some 420 linear metres.

This infinitely rich collection including correspondence between the founding associates sheds fascinating light – both historically and artistically – on the Maison’s activities over the years and centuries. It also lends invaluable documented depth to this “From Geometry to Artistry” exhibition.

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