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From geometry to artistry

From the initial sketches to the finishing touches, the maison’s unique creation process unfolds, from geometry to artistry.

Les cabinotiers,
The berkley grand complication

Presenting the latest horological masterpiece from Vacheron Constantin: Les Cabinotiers The Berkley Grand Complication. Discover the most complicated watch in the world.


Grand Lady Kalla,
A dazzling new chapter

In 1979, an iconic single piece created history with a geometric diamond rivière. 2024 sees her heir come to life: the Grand Lady Kalla. This high jewellery timepiece is composed of a watch and a tassel sautoir and can be worn in four different ways, gliding from wrist to neck playfully.

To the Grand Lady Kalla

Traditionnelle Tourbillon Chronograph

Vacheron Constantin’s chronographs forged the Maison’s reputation in the 1930s and 1940s. Following their footsteps, the new Traditionnelle tourbillon chronograph is a very limited edition in a noble and precious metal: Platinum. his new collector’s favourite honours grand watchmaking traditions with a Calibre 3200 and a new peripheral drive system for the stunning tourbillon.

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Exploring new worlds

The Overseas collection has consistently evolved since its launch in 1996. This year, four new models explore an exclusive new dial colour, reinventing the collection's iconic codes. Additionally, a new titanium model pushes the boundaries even further, challenging the robust material with meticulous finishings and a stunning tourbillon.

Titanium tourbillon

In 2021, the first titanium Overseas withstood an expedition with explorer Cory Richards. This new all-titanium Overseas tourbillon shares the same adventurous spirit. Titanium is an exceptionally strong material, and producing this level of finishing is a highly demanding process. A tourbillon regulator pierces through the blue dial, adding a light feel while maintaining the watch's toughness.


The sport-chic collection incorporates horological complications into its new colour exploration. A chronograph and a dual time model present a green-lacquered dial combined with pink gold. The combination creates a striking contrast and ensures the perfect legibility of time for any adventure.


For the first time, an intense green colour captures the essence of travel in the Overseas collection. Two new self-winding timepieces, including one set with 90 diamonds, remind of an untouched wilderness, amidst exceptional finishing. The dial’s centre gleams with a sunburst satin-brushing, while the minute rack features a velvety finish, playing on stunning depth effects.

A world of silvery tones and new colours

For 20 years, the Patrimony collection has embodied purity of style and the legacy of modernity from the 1950s. Three novelties introduce new original colours to the wrist, perpetuating the collection’s legacy.

Moon phase retrograde date

This Patrimony addition in white gold incorporates a retrograde moon phase and a date display in its stunning old-silver-toned dial. Both horological complications, as always, complement the watch's classic proportions without detracting from its formal simplicity. An original touch of colour enlivens the wrist thanks to the new strap.


The Collection’s 20 years are celebrated with two new manual-winding flaunting fresh colours. The old-silver-toned dial provides a hint of retro styling and a beautiful contrast with the markers' pink gold. The timepieces also come with new azure-blue or olive-green leather straps that add a contemporary touch to the timeless elegance of the collection.

A dreamlike collaboration

Since its launch in 2020, the Égérie collection has always been inspired by Haute Couture. The Maison collaborates with the visionary designer Yiqing Yin and introduces two highly exclusive timepieces designed in harmony across different creative universes.


The pleats of time, a concept watch

Égérie – The Pleats of Time, is a concept watch where High Watchmaking, Haute Couture, and High Perfumery converge. Encased in diamond-set pink gold, this one-of-a-kind timepiece featuring a pleated lilac mother-of-pearl dial goes beyond timekeeping. Its outstanding embroidered strap encapsulates an original fragrance, captivating the senses with every wrist movement.

Égérie moon phase

The Égérie moon phase watch reflects Yiqing Yin’s outstanding work as a visionary designer. The watch's ethereal allure features a lilac mother-of-pearl dial with a pleated motif, one of the designer's signature styles.

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