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Symbolizing the ancestral ties between fine watchmaking and astronomy, Vacheron Constantin moon-phase watches are developed and manufactured in the finest watchmaking traditions.

Moon-phase watches are timepieces indicating the evolution of the lunar cycle (new moon, first quarter, full moon, last quarter). These watches are distinguished by an additional wheel serving to mark off a cycle lasting 29 days, 12 hours and 45 minutes. They thus generate a discrepancy of just 57 seconds per lunar cycle, meaning less than 2 seconds a day. Manual adjustment of Vacheron Constantin moon-phase watches is thus required only once in every 122 years for high-precision moon-phase displays, and once every three years for simple moon-phase versions.

A Whimsical Way to Track the Passage of Time

The concept of timekeeping results from humanity’s desire to understand how the sun, moon and constellations move. When early horologists went from the sundial to the hands of a clock, they used this new technology to assist in tracking the lunar cycle. From an empty sky to the moon’s illuminating fullness and back again, this constant cycle has dictated human activities ranging from pagan celebrations to modern paychecks.

Symbolizing ancestral ties

Moon-phase watches inform wearers of the current lunar cycle. As the moon moves across the sky, its miniature version in your timepiece moves as well. Unlike the harsh and sterile numbers of a digital clock, moon-phase watches are an elemental way to track the passage of time. By wearing this whimsical watch, you are establishing a link with your sky-watching ancestors as well as centuries of watchmakers and artisans.

Intricate Mechanisms for Accurate Predictions

The moon is a fickle thing in that it is always changing, yet it has been a constant in daily human life since the dawn of time. As such, humanity’s fascination has only strengthened over the centuries.

Moon Phase watches

The creation of the pocket watch and eventually the moon-phase watch gave wearers a more precise way to observe the phases of the moon. As with any timepiece, moon-phase watches come from years of innovation. A measured moon cycle is 29.5 days, which led watchmakers to develop a 59-tooth gear that moves the two identical moons behind the dial one notch forward every 24 hours.

However, a true lunar cycle lasts 29.53 days. To overcome the discrepancy between a measured and actual lunar cycle, watchmakers developed a 135-tooth gear. Using this gear creates an accurate watch that will be off by one day every 122 years, so your great-grandchild or another descendant will have to adjust this timepiece accordingly, remembering your legacy when they do so.

Connecting Past, Present and Future

With an illustrative aesthetic, a moon-phase watch reminds us just how important the moon continues to be in modern life. It is the moon, not the sun, that determines the tides. As the shores bend and break for the moon, humans must adapt to these changes. Therefore, a moon-phase watch is more than a piece of artwork on your wrist. It’s a practical tool to determine the current lunar cycle.

All about the moon

The moon-phase watch reminds us that we are all moving through time and space, circled by a pale glowing orb, nothing more than cogs that create a larger clockwork of existence.

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