Heritage Exhibition


Elegance as an art form

Vacheron Constantin watches cultivate elegance as an art form whose refined aesthetics adorn the most complex mechanical components.

Drawing on a graphic vocabulary pared down to essentials, the Maison has throughout its history created models embodying impressive horological virtuosity. Chosen from the nearly 1,600 timepieces composing Vacheron Constantin's private collection, these watches bear witness to a heritage characterized by purity of form.

A new aesthetic

Watchmaking, which aimed to create instruments for everyday life, could not escape this stylistic momentum focused on essentials, strongly fostered by the democratization of beauty. This was especially so given that the need for functional watchmaking and thus for instrument-watches with "photographic" dials was becoming more and more pressing in the pioneering age of aviation and exploration. The structure and function of the watch thus gave rise to a new aesthetic whose codes Vacheron Constantin would adopt for a long time to come. 

"This idea of watchmaking purity, which is synonymous with elegance at Vacheron Constantin, is a signature that can be found throughout its history, but which took on a much more precise form at the beginning of the last century."

Christian Selmoni - Style & Heritage Director Vacheron Constantin

Mechanical art

The centuries-old history of Vacheron Constantin is not only representative of the watchmaking industry in terms of style, but also with regards to the evolution of timepiece mechanisms. This is an area in which the Manufacture's expertise has been widely recognized, particularly in the world of ultra-thin watches, which are perfectly in tune with the elegance of the Maison.

Ultra Thin

Although extremely slender timepieces are not part of any horological complication, since they do not provide any additional function, they nonetheless represent a technical challenge pushing the limits of micromechanics. The Manufacture has made this watchmaking "specialty" its own while setting a number of thinness records, including for a platinum pocket watch presented in 1931 fitted with a movement measuring 0.94 mm thick. 

More than a century of creations

Chosen from the 1,600 or so items in Vacheron Constantin's private collection, the watches in the LESS'ENTIAL exhibition are all representative of the Maison’s own stylistic research.

From the pocket watch produced by Vacheron Constantin until the second half of the 20th century to the wristwatch models, they powerfully convey this desire to submit mechanical imperatives to the clarity of design and the legibility of functions. This form of watchmaking minimalism that has made its way gracefully and elegantly through successive ages and eras, demonstrating an ability to adapt to all styles and materials. Whether the display is classic or offbeat, such as with jumping hours, the quest remains the same: that of beauty through simplicity in order to refocus on "LESS'ENTIAL".

Our novelties

The essentials of high watchmaking

Less’Ential continues to bring wonders to life through a celebration of high watchmaking fundamentals and understated virtuosity. Dive into the sober beauty of our latest models, unveiled at Watches & Wonders 2023 in Shanghai.​