Vacheron Constantin x Sarrita King

New Sydney Flagship Boutique

Vacheron Constantin has collaborated with Australian Indigenous artist Sarrita King in an awe-inspiring sculptural installation at the Maison's Sydney Flagship.


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About the artist

Residing in Larrakia Country (Darwin) in Northern Australia, King is an artist of the contemporary era who boldly integrates methods and techniques from both historical and modern times.

Reflecting on her practice, King, who is of Gurindji and Waanyi descent, said: “Storytelling is an integral part of my people's culture. We pass on stories, knowledge, and memories from one generation to another. I'm inspired by this concept of time in my art practice, using symbols painted on canvas to express the connection between people and the past.”

King was drawn to colours found in nature, including warm and rich tones that the artist believes represent longevity and a deep connection to her people. “When choosing the colours for the layers in this abstract piece, I was drawn to colours found in the landscape, in sunsets,” she shared. 

King's installation can be viewed at the Vacheron Constantin flagship at 104 King Street, Sydney, from June to November. The installation is the second in a collaborative series with Australian artists, merging the beauty of the fine art and watchmaking worlds. 

Luxury high watchmaking Maison

Vacheron Constantin has opened its first boutique in Sydney. Located in the heart of the city, the three-storey boutique is a place of savoir faire and “belle haute horlogerie”, where connoisseurs can come together to explore the world of Vacheron Constantin. They will experience the Maison’s first-client service, discovering first-hand the ways in which personal expression can be achieved through timekeeping accessories.

“It’s a series of agile spaces that respond to the needs of our clientele across Oceania,” says Amy Jackson Lai, director of Vacheron Constantin Oceania. “We are excited to bring a slice of Switzerland to the east coast of Australia”



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