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An exhibition celebrating Vacheron Constantin’s watchmaking expertise since its origins.

Showcasing a journey that spans over two and a half centuries, highlighting the brand's unwavering commitment to horological excellence, style, and elegance.


Vacheron Constantin, since its inception, has pursued excellence in watchmaking for over two and a half centuries. Grounded in a vision where watchmaking encompasses science, discovery, knowledge, and beauty, the brand has evolved to meet the changing demands of various eras, excelling in chronometry and intricate complications.

An exceptional example of his early craftsmanship is a watch from 1755 bearing his name, a testament to the brand's early emphasis on both aesthetics and watchmaking precision. This watch is the only one knonw to date bearing a trace of his first name.  This timepiece exemplifies the Maison's identity, characterized by impeccable watchmaking techniques serving the cause of beauty.

In 1819, a pivotal moment occurred in the brand's history when Jacques Barthélémy Vacheron, the founder's grandson, partnered with François Constantin, who was responsible for the company's commercial development. François Constantin is credited with coining the enduring Vacheron Constantin motto, "Do better if possible, and that is always possible." His relentless efforts expanded the brand's reach across international markets, from Russia to Brazil. This 1825 yellow gold pocket-watch, inscribed "Vacheron & Constantin," reflects the spirit of the Enlightenment and the brand's entrepreneurial dynamism.


The exhibition delves into Vacheron Constantin's technical progress, emphasizing their renowned chronometry quality. The brand early on produced timepieces known for their precision in measuring short intervals of time.. In 1917, the American navy army turned to Vacheron Constantin for reliable, durable and legible watches thanks to their luminescence. These functional timepieces are engraved with the inscriptions "Corps of Engineers, U.S.A" and "Vacheron & Constantin Genève" on the back.

As the wristwatch gained popularity, Vacheron Constantin maintained its reputation for producing exceptional chronograph watches. These timepieces combined technical precision with a keen eye for aesthetics, a feature that became increasingly evident in the 1940s, as seen in the case architecture and unique lugs. This chronograph, well known to collectors, is still regarded today as a model of its kind.


The brand's historical significance extends to the "Big Four" conference in Geneva in 1955, which aimed to promote détente during the height of the Cold War. Leaders of the United States, the Soviet Union, Great Britain, and France each received a Vacheron Constantin watch as a gift from the people of Geneva. These watches bore an inscription, wishing for "… May this watch amways mark happy hours for you, for your people and peace for the world”. The design of these watches reflects the elegance of the era.

Founded in 1755, Vacheron Constantin celebrated its quarter anniversary in 2005. The Maison marked this extraordinary milestone with a series of anniversary timepieces, including the limited-edition Jubilé 1755 wristwatch produced in various materials. This signature timepiece features a timeless classic aesthetic with a subtly guilloché dial. The authorities of the canton of Geneva recognized the importance of this jubilee, granting Vacheron Constantin a special exemption to display the prestigious Geneva Seal crest on the dial, one of the industry's most demanding certifications, marking a historic and unprecedented moment for the brand.

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