Vacheron Constantin has identified a singular spirit by working with other talents whose character and creations rise global diversity, and a sense of innovation from a never-ending quest for excellence, and artistry. These visionaries and devotees are renowned originators in their own fields. They, too, embody the "One of not many" concept.

Inspired by this idea the Maison has commissioned a unique art piece by Paul Miller and Griet Beyaert, part of the East Street Arts collective, entitled Constellation.


The intention for this artistic experience is to celebrate the identity, dynamics and culture of the city of Leeds, integrating this Vacheron Constantin Boutique within the regional artistic scene, thanks to a direct commitment to collaborating with local artists and the wider creative community.

The hidden inner workings of iconic Vacheron Constantin timepieces are rarely glimpsed, an intricate network of craft and inspiration. Here we imagine a mysterious constellation, part of

the universe of their creations. Inside, under the beautiful exterior, we witness the flux and flow of creativity coming together to form one perfect system of harmonious elements. Each moving part is integral to the function of this universe, all dependent on each other.

Meet the artists


Interested in the physical experience of the spaces we inhabit, Griet’s practice encompasses the use of multiple audio-visual, traditional and new technologies.

Collaborating in different and unusual ways is an integral part of her practice. As a method for challenging her own perceptions and artistic decisions and find new and exciting sounds’, Griet thrives on combining the unexpected with the chaotic to then follow the process.


A practising artist for over 15 years, Paul has exhibited extensively, nationally and internationally, delivering high quality artworks, installations and live events.

Paul’s projects and collaborations are eclectic, he creates work in many different formats and settings, exploring the way moving image, light and sound interact outside the confines of conventional spaces and how random and deliberate interactions can combine to create new ways of seeing and hearing. 


Since becoming a charity in 1998, East Street Arts have become leaders in the artist-led sector by empowering artists to be self-determined, take control, incite change and influence decision-makers to improve people’s lives and environments.

Working from the grass roots up, they value talent, ambition and innovation from a position of inclusivity and opportunity.

Through A City Less Grey, East Street Aims aim to support the development of new work with artists who’s practice or aspects of their practice operates outside of traditional art establishments and to profile the wide spectrum of Street Art.  To make this happen they work with artists that understand the importance of the local and the need to embed work within communities.