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The perpetual calendar presents a mechanical solution for an astronomical problem. Gears, springs and rockers mimic the rotation of the earth around the sun. The mechanism automatically knows whether the month has 28, 30 or 31 days, as well as calculating leap years. The perpetual calendar only needs correcting at the turn of each century, unless the century is divisible by four hundred.

Synonymous with Prestige

A perpetual calendar watch is one of the most mechanically sophisticated watches available. As a technical masterpiece, it considers the different days of each of the 12 months in addition to leap years. Therefore, a perpetual calendar displays the correct date and year indefinitely.

The technically impressive perpetual calendar watches remain an inspiration among complications, with many watchmakers creating new interpretations or perfecting the original design. They are a symbol of prestige among watch enthusiasts due to their intricate creation.

Pink gold, white gold or platinum, ultra-thin or skeleton

Vacheron Constantin offers different interpretations of this complication watch in its Patrimony, Overseas and Traditionnelle collections.

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Complex Haute Horlogerie

By nature, a perpetual calendar watch is extremely complex and contains hundreds of tiny mechanical parts. Some of the gears inside your watch turn multiple times per second, while others turn once every four years or so.

The perpetual calendar that your timepiece will follow is entirely self-sufficient even in leap years due to a 1,461-day memory. Once you set the watch, there is no need to reset the date or time. Perpetual calendar watches maintain a similar layout to other calendar watches with day, date, time, month and moon phase displays.

The one point of consideration is that in the year 2100, the Gregorian calendar ignores the leap year. Therefore, all perpetual calendar watches will undergo a manual reset on March 1st, 2100. If you’re considering owning one of them, you may wish to leave a note about this for you descendants.

Pinnacle of High-End Watchmaking

A perpetual calendar is one of the more exclusive complications a watch can contain. For many collectors, owning a watch like this is a highlight in any collection. Perpetual calendar watches also offer functional benefits in that they do not require the wearer to frequently reset the device, allowing them to view an accurate date and time at any moment.

Whether you appreciate the perfect design or the precise craftmanship that allows the watch to run, a perpetual calendar watch is an excellent investment for any collection. Over time, these technical masterpieces increase in value, making them great investment pieces or heirlooms to gift to family members.

Experience Exquisite Craftmanship

Since the creation of the perpetual calendar watch, this timepiece has undergone many variations, allowing collectors to choose between a classic appearance or a modern iteration. To experience the sophistication of Vacheron Constantin’s perpetual calendar watches for men and women, visit a boutique or speak to one of our concierges to find your next addition to your collection.

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