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Dual Time Watches

Dual time watches provide a simultaneous display of two time zones on a single dial. Often used to display local time and home time, they are particularly appreciated by frequent travelers. The Overseas collection offers a broad range of dual time watches.

An ideal travel companion

In addition to being an elegant timepiece for travelers, dual time watches are some of the most practical watches on the market. Whether you frequently travel for business or for leisure, a dual time watch will allow you to instantly check your time and the time in another location.

One watch, two time zones

A dual time complication features two-hour hands that use the same movement to indicate different time zones. The second hour hand can run on a 12- or 24-hour clock to improve ease of use. To achieve the second time zone, the watchmaker adds two wheels to the motion works. 

The main appeal of dual time zone watches lies in their practicality and appearance. The smooth clean lines of a dual time watch are classically appealing. Whether your watch is slightly hidden under a sleeve or on full display, the eye-catching appeal will cause any observer to pause to admire the piece of artwork on your wrist.

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