Classic with a Twist

Start looking at the world from a different perspective and you will open up your senses to new emotions.


Wander off the path of the canons of elegance and you may discover a world of unexpected wonders. Not surprisingly, the daring design of the American 1921 with its 45-degree rotation comes from the roaring twenties, totally in tune with this era of unbridled creativity. For the 100th anniversary of this watchmaking icon, the Manufacture pays tribute to its avant-garde spirit with three new timepieces.

With its diagonal display and crown positioned between 1 and 2 o’clock, the white gold 40mm case of the American 1921 reinterprets faithfully the atypical aesthetic codes appreciated by collectors and vintage design lovers.

Also available in a 36.5 mm case, the watch gives us a slender and more delicate expression of its remarkable retro-chic personality enhanced by the exceptional patina of an Italian brown leather strap. A glance at the sapphire case back gives you a unique view on the hand-finished decorations of its manual-winding movement with a 65-hour power reserve.

One century later, the brilliant story of the American 1921 continues with a 100-piece limited edition entirely sculpted in platinum dedicated to Haute Horlogerie connoisseurs and available only in Vacheron Constantin boutiques.


Closely bound to the spirit of adventure, the Overseas collection takes you today on a very special trip, a venture to the infinitely small, an odyssey into the intricate mechanisms of time. Welcome to a world where details make all the difference.

Let your eyes wander over the Overseas perpetual calendar ultra-thin skeleton and you will be instantly transported elsewhere.

A world where the inside becomes the outside, a fantastic landscape of 276 components moving as one. As the architect of this fabulous timepiece, for the first time in white gold, the watchmaker has used various hand-finishes for every part to generate different light effects, taking time to another dimension.

When function meets form, extreme precision leads to intense emotions. In all a pink gold new version, the Overseas with its openworked tourbillon carriage offers you a unique point of view on the mesmerizing beauty of time.

The incredibly thin 5.65mm movement hides a level of sophistication rarely reached in Haute Horlogerie, making high-precision watchmaking more fascinating than ever.


Timeless beauty is a very mysterious thing and sometimes getting away from esthetical conventions generates an even greater power of attraction. Discover how asymmetry and singularity can lead to harmony and uniqueness.

Inspired by the art of Haute Couture, the Égérie collection has gracefully shaken the aesthetic codes of feminine watchmaking with its signature offset display and asymmetrical geometry. The elegant singularity of its delicate design shines brighter than even, bathed in the light of a majestic diamond dress.

By day or night, in white gold or in pink gold, Égérie always appears in a different light to make every moment more unique and precious than the one before. Both classic and daring, Égérie shows in the most elegant way how asymmetry can also be a source of perfect harmony.


Imagine if we could have an influence on the course of time? Master the ability to freeze it and restart it again seamlessly? Always pushing further our horological expertise, our Maison offers you a fresh and unexpected interpretation of a classic symbol of watchmaking prowess: the split-seconds chronograph.

Giving you the power to measure two different times, the Traditionnelle split-seconds chronograph embodies Vacheron Constantin’s daring spirit to deliver the unexpected.

Through this rare complication, the Maison reinterprets the avant-garde technical repertoire of Haute-Horlogerie with the contemporary touch of a timepiece all crafted in platinum, up to the stitches of its alligator leather strap.

Distinctive and discreet, the Traditionnelle split-seconds chronograph hides its sophisticated movement of 473 elements behind the purity of its lines and the sobriety of its elegant dial. This exceptional combination of classisism and virtuosity comes to enrich our collection Excellence Platine in a limited edition of 15 numbered pieces.


Great explorers have changed our perception of the world, sailing their way on uncharted seas seeking new territories to explore. To celebrate these visionary men able to see what was beyond the horizon, the Métiers d’Art collection invites you to embark on a journey with three famous Portuguese sailors.

To celebrate their spirit of adventure, our master artisans have replicated meticulously the new maritime routes opened by these explorers, taking their inspiration from ancient maps from the 16th century. To give total freedom to the enamellers’ creativity, these timepieces present a singular construction and a very unusual time display. With no hands to conceal the richness of the miniature paintings, the hours and minutes sweep vertically along the right side of the dial.

This atypical setting allows the wearer to immerse himself in all the vivid details of this fantastic voyage through time. With boldness and determination, these brave explorers had drawn a new world. With audacity and patience, our talented craftsmen have put all their skills and meticulous care to depict faithfully their fabulous adventures.


There has always been an intimate conversation between time and space. The course of the planets, the moon phases, the alignment of stars hanging in the sky like a gigantic clock. Les Cabinotiers, our department dedicated to Grand Complication models has decided this year to pay tribute to the astronomical origins of time measurement with a collection called “ le Temps Céleste”.

The result is three one-of-a-kind timepieces imagined as the ultimate expression of technical expertise and the perfect illustration of the poetry of time. Powered by a new Grand complication movement which took four years to be developed, the Armillary tourbillon perpetual calendar- Planetaria showcases a double-axis tourbillon and a three-dimensional representation of the two hemispheres providing a 24 hour-day and night light indication.

With a design inherited by the regulator clocks invented in the 17th century for astronomers, the Regulator perpetual calendar- Moonlight Jewellery Sapphire revisits this prestigious horological tradition with a perfect balance between the conventional and the atypical.

Just like the celestial immensity, the imagination of our watchmakers knows no limits.

Our Minute repeater tourbillon sky chart Leo constellation Jewellery combines a tourbillon, a rotating sky map of the milky way and a minute repeater in the grand tradition of the Maison’s striking watches. All at once technical, astronomical and musical, this masterpiece takes you for an interstellar reverie through a precious and original evocation of the Leo constellation.


Our Maison invites you to explore its new models through a different eye, seeking for these touches of audacity and sparkles of creativity by which the watchmaker gives birth to exceptional. Follow Christian Selmoni, our Heritage and Style director on the path of the unexpected.

Classic with a Twist
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