Vacheron Constantin and The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Preserving and celebrating art and knowledge

The new partnership between Vacheron Constantin and The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met), a leading art museum founded in 1870, is based on an unwavering commitment to safeguarding and passing on knowledge and expertise.

Through this alliance, the Maison demonstrates its profound attachment to the world of art and culture that has consistently nurtured its imagination and its creativity – as will be vividly showcased in future educational initiatives developed within the framework of this partnership.

"Establishing a partnership with the prestigious Metropolitan Museum of Art enables us to highlight our shared vocation for transmitting knowledge and preserving the arts"

Louis Ferla - Vacheron Constantin CEO

Perpetually learning

Like Vacheron Constantin, The Met is also involved in a number of educational programs, reflecting both partners’ desire to encourage and support individuals in their projects by surrounding them with experienced mentors. This emphasis on artistic and cultural heritage is intended to encourage the sharing of knowledge in the pursuit of excellence.

The Met and Vacheron Constantin will be developing a series of joint projects designed to showcase their respective rich heritages and their ability to keep cultural legacies alive for future generations.

Our Mentorship programs

Vacheron Constantin has developed its "One of Not Many Mentorship Program" in collaboration with talents whose personality and work express the continual quest for excellence, the openness to the world as well as the spirit of innovation and creativity characteristic of Vacheron Constantin.