The "One of not many" mentorship program

Devoted to passing on skills

Based on the sharing of skills and expertise, a tradition deeply cherished by the Maison, this «One of Not Many Mentorship Program» showcases a series of creative collaborations which enable and support the development of new generations of artists and talents.

A new partnership based on a quest for excellence

CHAN Chun Wai (陈镇威), a young Chinese prodigy appointed Principal Dancer of the New York City Ballet in 2022, is part of Vacheron Constantin's "One of not many" talent circle and has joined its associated mentorship program, offering talents the opportunity to develop their skills with a mentor.

Based on perseverance in the practice of his art, this collaboration highlights shared values. Just like ballet, High Watchmaking is all about high-precision skills, intelligent movement and the transmission of knowledge.

Dedicated to the world of music

Vacheron Constantin and Abbey Road Studios offer a unique opportunity for young music talents to record a track in the legendary London studios, in collaboration with a world-renowned French musician and director: Woodkid.

"To be able to pass on knowledge and artistic sensibility by working with young talents is a privilege for me as a musician"


The young singer-songwriter from the London area, Ewan J Phillips, was the first to join the Vacheron Constantin “One of Not Many Mentorship Program” and thus benefited from Woodkid’s advice and expertise in recording a track from his repertoire. His track “Say You Never Loved Me” has been pressed to vinyl, and also made available digitally on music platforms.

Shakira Alleyne was invited to join Woodkid at Abbey Road Studios as successor of Ewan J Phillips. A thoughtful singer-songwriter with an electro touch, she won over her mentor "with the incredible depth of her music", Woodkid explains. This recording co-produced with Vacheron Constantin has been pressed to vinyl and will be distributed on music platforms.

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