Les Collectionneurs 222

46004/411M 34x31 mm Steel

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Vacheron Constantin Les Collectionneurs - 46004/411M Front
Size : 34x31 mm
Thickness : 7 mm
Movement : Automatic

A “222” square watch in steel and 18K yellow gold, reflecting the unrestrained style of the 1980s with its angular lines. The elegant design of the square case in mixed stainless steel with clipped corners, and a square grooved bezel with screws embodies Vacheron Constantin's desire to create rare pieces.

Watches Specifications


  • 1124
  • Automatic
  • mm
  • Calendar


  • 34x31 mm
  • 7 mm


  • 90 grams
  • 1981
  • 1981
  • square shaped 222 model
  • Swiss made
  • Yellow gold luminescent large baton indexes

About this watch

The 222, unveiled in 1977, was Vacheron Constantin's version of the sport chic watch, a steel model with an integrated bracelet and a resolutely functional design with a flat case topped by a striking grooved bezel. Characterized by a clean, uncluttered aesthetic, it yet gave off an impression of robustness with its bracelet which was screwed to the case middle and featured large hexagonal-shaped central links.

Initially launched in a “jumbo” version with a diameter of 37 mm, the 222 was subsequently produced in 34 mm and 24 mm quartz versions, as well as in this much lesser-known square version (31 x 34 mm) under the reference 46004 in two-tone steel and gold, with a limited production.

A trusted link with your timepiece

Each timepiece from this exclusive offer comes with a Digital Passport that provides trust and transparency thanks to key information such as the timepiece's Serial Number and History, information which will be updated throughout the watch's lifetime. A certificate of authenticity and a two-year warranty will aslo be available. 

A link between the past and the present

Enthusiasts and connoisseurs are now able to fulfill their ultimate goal of possessing one of these rare, vintage watches. Carefully selected by the Heritage Department and restored according to the rules of the art within the Manufacture, these Vacheron Constantin timepieces dating from the 20th century are now part of the collection "Les Collectionneurs". 


The preservation of rare watches

Perpetuating the beat of an age-old movement, ensuring the sustainability of a watch passed on from generation to generation, this is what gives meaning to the long and meticulous work of our Master Craftsmen. Every restoration is a special case and sometimes requires forgotten expertise... Consequently, the result goes well beyond all expectations. 

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