Calibre automático

Calibre 2460 QRA

This mechanical self-winding movement meeting all the stringent Hallmark of Geneva requirements embodies a twin feat of technical mastery: it combines an annual calendar – a complicated and functional horological complication needing just one annual adjustment of the month of February, apart from leap years – and a retrograde date display that is an acknowledged House speciality. This calibre is also equipped with a high-precision moon phase set to operate for more than a century any further adjustment as well as a stop seconds mechanism serving to stop the seconds hand and thus ensure extremely accurate adjustment. Its 22-carat gold oscillating weight – adorned with five raised decorative fillets – features a ruthenium finish and is equipped with a rotation system composed of ceramic ball bearings requiring no lubrication while guaranteeing a longer lifespan.

Vacheron Constantin Movement 2460 QRA
Vacheron Constantin Movement 2460 QRA
Hallmark of Geneva certified
Certificado Selo de Genebra

Modelos com este calibre


O Selo de Genebra é um padrão de excelência proveniente da tradição da alta relojoaria. Ele pode ser encontrado nas prestigiosas marcas relojoeiras de Genebra, tais como a Vacheron Constantin.

Ele é uma garantia de proveniência (movimento mecânico montado e regulado no Cantão de Genebra), de qualidade, de durabilidade e de um savoir-faire excepcional.

Há mais de um século o Punção de Genebra é uma referência de qualidade e sinônimo de um excelente savoir-faire artesanal.