Vacheron Constantin is offering a new set of packaging items to accompany new owners of its timepieces well beyond the door of the boutiques.

The clients will  benefit from 3 items to carry and store the watch and its accessories and documents.

Coming into a versatile textile bag, a watch pouch made of an innovative fabric protects the watch for everyday movement and a zip-flat pocket can welcome additional bracelets and serve a different purpose as a document holder.

The number of documents delivered with the watch was significantly reduced thanks to digitization – enabling the packaging to be lighter and smaller than the traditional offer.

3 Colors are available for the client to choose from, with the opportunity to adorn the watch pouch and the zip-flat pocket with his or her initials, making the Vacheron Constantin relationship with each client ever more personal and unique, forged over time.

This innovative offer is exclusively limited to 6 boutiques around the world starting April 2022: Geneva Longemalle (Switzerland), London Old Bond Street (United Kingdom), New York flagship (USA), Dubaï Mall and Mall of Emirates (UAE), Shanghai Nanjing West Road (China).

Pursuing its tradition of combining High Watchmaking with the best in their art, Vacheron Constantin collaborates with Maison Serapian Milano for the making of these new items.

Crafted in Italy by this Maison dating back to 1928, the items are incorporating an innovative fabric, free from animal leather and including recycled materials, fitting into the Vacheron Constantin Maison’s eco-conscious journey.