Les Collectionneurs Pocket Watch

4348 44.5 mm Aluminum

Aluminum pocket watch, 11 Arabic numerals, small second at 6 o'clock. Back engraved "ALCAN" (Aluminum of Canada)


Reference 4348 is truly a unique and exceptional design from Vacheron Constantin. It was specially manufactured by our Maison for the Canadian Aluminum Limited Company between 1938 and until the 1950s. It is extraordinary light, weighting only about 20 grams.

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44.5 mm
9.2 mm
Aluminum pocket watch, 11 Arabic numerals, small second at 6 o'clock. Back engraved "ALCAN" (Aluminum of Canada)
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4348 44.5 mm Aluminum
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20 grams
Year of production
Year of sale
Special features
Ultra light : case and movement made in aluminium
Swiss made


44.5 mm
9.2 mm


Indexes type and material
Yellow gold Arabic numerals

About this watch

What makes reference 4348  an exceptional technical achievement for its time is the use of aluminum for its case, dial, movement and even the hands.

Thanks to the use of aluminum, the whole watch weight amounts to an extraordinary light weight of around 20 grams – a record. 

About the caliber

Its caliber 439/7 made of aluminum is a special version of the regularly used one in brass with rhodium plating. It offers the same design and finishings, as well as a high level of precision and robustness.

A trusted link with your timepiece

Each timepiece from this exclusive offer comes with a Digital Passport that provides trust and transparency thanks to key information such as the timepiece's Serial Number and History, information which will be updated throughout the watch's lifetime. A certificate of authenticity and a two-year warranty will aslo be available. 

A link between the past and the present

Enthusiasts and connoisseurs are now able to fulfill their ultimate goal of possessing one of these rare, vintage watches. Carefully selected by the Heritage Department and restored according to the rules of the art within the Manufacture, these Vacheron Constantin timepieces dating from the 20th century are now part of the collection "Les Collectionneurs". 

Les Collectionneurs Collection


The preservation of rare watches

Perpetuating the beat of an age-old movement, ensuring the sustainability of a watch passed on from generation to generation, this is what gives meaning to the long and meticulous work of our Master Craftsmen. Every restoration is a special case and sometimes requires forgotten expertise... Consequently, the result goes well beyond all expectations. 

The Art of Restoration
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