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Craftsmen at the service of a unique know-how

The never-ending quest for precision, a sense of innovation and artistry, a respect for great watchmaking tradition and the love for a job well done are all expressed through the excellence and expertise that only human hands are capable of mastering.

Perfection in every detail

A seal of quality and durability, a standard of excellence and guarantee of provenance, the Hallmark of Geneva is the ultimate emblem of watchmaking workmanship. This tradition is ever-present within the Manufacture where each unique piece is individually crafted, decorated and tested. There are no compromises nor room for error, these are the foundations of our standards.

The combination of excellence and exclusivity

Creating unique pieces, exceptional movements and guiding the production of special orders are the challenges that these seasoned Craftsmen face. Masters of their art, the Cabinotiers are committed to making real what some would hardly dare to dream. Their vision of time is resolutely unique, their technicality perfectly senseless, and their creations true masterpieces.

Les Cabinotiers
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    The expression of Vacheron Constantin’s expertise

    Tour de l'Ile Reference 57260 Celestia Astronomical Grand Complication 3600

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A remarkable artistic signature

Humility and transmission. These are the values that motivate the Maison's craftsmen. They are Engravers, Enamelers, Guillocheurs, Gemsetters, Watchmakers and Jewelers and they have rare talent which is passed on like an heirloom. The final result depends on the work of each one of them, and their perfect technical mastery gives rise to an elusive emotion.

Métiers d'Art

The preservation of rare watches

Perpetuating the beat of an age-old movement, ensuring the sustainability of a watch passed on from generation to generation, this is what gives meaning to the long and meticulous work of our Master Craftsmen. Every restoration is a special case and sometimes requires forgotten expertise... consequently, the result goes well beyond all expectations.

The Art of Restoration
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