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Polishing lessons by Vacheron Constantin

Restoring shine, reviving past splendor, emphasizing the shape of the case and highlighting every edge: this is the challenge of polishing. A masterful art in which, once again, the hand of a human is king.


Also known as brightening, this operation is an excellent compromise between aesthetic appearance and watch preservation. Using a canvas disc and a slightly abrasive paste, it consists of cleaning and shining the piece without removing any material, preserving its aesthetics as well as its original appearance.

Delicately carried out by us, it ensures very low wear on your timepiece and will give it a fresh glow. This superficial polishing is particularly effective against micro-scratches but does not mitigate scratches or deeper blows. This process is thus systematically offered at no cost with a "Full Servicing" and applies to both antique and contemporary watches.

Vacheron Constantin - Polishing lessons by Vacheron Constantin - How may times can I polish my watch?
How may times can I polish my watch?

We recommend polishing your timepiece no more than 3 to 5 times maximum throughout its lifetime. Any more than this risks damaging the angles and geometry of your watch.


Far from trivial, this task requires the skill and thoroughness of one of the Maison’s artisan polishers. Using felts, lapidary wheels and polishing discs, he or she erases the watch's every aesthetic imperfection. However, this operation also sees the removal of a thin layer of metal. It is therefore recommended to proceed with moderation when it comes to polishing in order to preserve the shape, water resistance and durability of the piece.

In the event of deep scratches or blows, it is recommended – whenever technically possible – to first carry out a laser filling of the concerned areas. This technique significantly reduces the amount of material removed during polishing, for an aesthetic result close to the original upon leaving the Manufacture. Polishing operations, including laser filling, are included at no cost in our "Full Polish" services: polishing alone or during a Full Service.

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You should entrust the maintenance of your Vacheron Constantin timepiece to authorized watchmakers.

Services Lead Time

The servicing of a timepiece may vary depending on each particular case. The time-lead of a complete service or an intervention under warranty is approximately 4 weeks, in case the timepiece is received at a boutique providing watchmaking service on-site. The restoration of vintage pieces may take from 6 weeks onwards. These delicate pieces must be intervened at the Swiss headquarter in the specialized workshops for vintage watches.

To discover the exact service lead-time we recommend you to visit one of our boutiques.

Vacheron Constantin - Polishing lessons by Vacheron Constantin - Is the work on my watch guaranteed?
Is the work on my watch guaranteed?

Absolutely. When your Vacheron Constantin watch is repaired or serviced at one of our Service Centers or authorized boutiques, the work carried out and the components replaced will be guaranteed for two years from the date the work is completed.