The "Hallmark of Geneva" gets a new look and sets its sights on the future!

November 2011

The Hallmark of Geneva gets a new look and sets its sights on the future! - Big

A genuine standard of excellence and an emblem of Genevan watchmaking, the “Hallmark of Geneva”, established in 1886 by the legislative body of the Grand Council of the Republic and Canton of Geneva, is a guarantee of origin, craftsmanship, durability and expertise. For its 125th anniversary, the world-renowned label is undergoing a fundamental change particularly in view of developments in the techniques and materials used in watchmaking.

Major change: from 2012, the certification will no longer apply merely to the movement, but to the watch in its entirety. The exterior appearance will also be taken into account. The manufacture of components and checks on all operations leading to the completion of the watch will henceforth be subject to more systematic and stringent controls, with a particular focus on whether the assembly, adjustment and casing are completed in Geneva. Inspection of the finished watch also constitutes an integral part of the requirements for the Geneva label. New checks are also to be applied to the water resistance, precision, functions and power reserve of each timepiece.

As underlined by Daniel Favre, President of the Foundation Council of TIMELAB – Geneva Laboratory of Horology and Microengineering that hosts the certification, “The ’Hallmark of Geneva’ is undergoing an evolution that will give it even more standing. This sort of AOC is a true guarantee of quality whose boundaries are being enlarged so as to correspond as closely as possible to customer expectations for Fine Watchmaking pieces.”

Juan-Carlos Torres, CEO of Vacheron Constantin and President of the “Union des fabricants d'horlogerie de Genève, Vaud et Valais” (UFGVV), also emphasizes the value of the “Hallmark Of Geneva” for the watchmaking sector: “In an industry imbued with authenticity and in uncertain times that favor real value, a clear, precise, transparent and intelligible label is naturally a key asset. It provides companies with an assured means of protecting and preserving their expertise, as well as perpetuating the crafts related to the world of Fine Watchmaking.”


The “Hallmark of Geneva” certificate of origin

The “Hallmark of Geneva” certificate of origin