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Les Cabinotiers, the true expression of exclusivity

Loyal to the spirit of its founder, Vacheron Constantin continues the tradition of offering its best clients the chance to create made-to-measure watches. Today, this service is offered through a dedicated department, bringing together all of the skills needed to make these exceptional pieces: Les Cabinotiers. Made up of expert professionals, this team possesses immense technical and manual expertise, a wealth of scientific knowledge and a profound curiosity for new ideas to be able to create highly-complicated watches on demand.

The timeless spirit of Les Cabinotiers’ workshops

Reviving the spirit of 18th-century Geneva is the ambition of this extraordinary workshop. At that time, prestigious dignitaries of European courts commissioned their watches directly from the “cabinotiers”.

Artisans who chose to set up their workshops on the top floor of buildings to benefit most from the zenithal natural light for as long as possible. These workshops, often within enclosed spaces, directly located under roofs and illuminated by numerous windows, soon built a strong reputation for the quality of their work.

The technical, artistic and aesthetic challenge

The department of Les Cabinotiers combines excellence and dedication with a group of master watchmaking professionals. Together, they strive to translate the wildest dreams in to reality in technical and artistic terms.

Designers and engineers are called upon for the movement and style, then dedicated teams, in charge of developing and monitoring the project take the reins whilst a chosen intermediary makes the connection between the relevant committee and sponsor.

To respond to the client’s requests, Vacheron has an extraordinary range of artistic skills at its disposal. The Manufacture’s guilloche experts , enamelers, engravers and jewelry setters proudly continue the age-old traditions and help bring to life timepieces that are unique to the world.


Made by the skillful hands of our master watchmakers and experienced artisans, the unique models endlessly push the boundaries of excellence.


The pinnacle of uniqueness

From a simple sketch to creating a unique work of art which is fully customized and made on request, that’s how the experience and creation of an on demand watch can be summarized. Taking inspiration from an existing model or starting with a completely blank page, at least eight months, and in some cases, a few years, are necessary to bring the client’s vision and expectations to life according to the complexity of the project.

All requests are carefully examined beforehand by an ethics committee so that each project conforms to the Maison’s values and traditions. A true factory of dreams, Les Cabinotiers service offers the experience of a lifetime to all enthusiasts of Fine Watchmaking.

The Reference 57260 masterpiece

To go beyond the known limits of watchmaking and complete a piece which has never before been imagined: this is the challenge made by one of the greatest watchmaking collectors to Vacheron Constantin.

After 8 years of intense work with the Maison, this exceptional piece was presented in 2015 for the 260th anniversary of the Manufacture. A new chapter in the great history of Vacheron Constantin, the Reference 57260 contains the astounding number of 57 complications and eternally marks the conquest of time.

Considered by the watchmaking industry to be one of the most ingenious creations manufactured in the world, the Reference 57260 was created according to the principles of traditional watchmaking while benefiting from recent technical advancements and numerous innovations.


Les Cabinotiers service is inspired daily by the aesthetic codes and creative universes dear to the Maison to imagine and design exceptionally unique pieces which would often be impossible to make in more than one copy.

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