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Repair your Vacheron Constantin watch

Time may play tricks on you and freeze. When the movement stops, it is a part of the dream that remains unresolved. We have therefore deployed a vast network of Service Centers around the world so that your passion never stops.

Our Service Centers to answer all your requirements

The maintenance and repair of your timepiece are never trivial. As such, only Vacheron Constantin's authorized Boutiques and Service Centers have the level of expertise, quality and know-how required to take care of your watch. By entrusting your Vacheron Constantin to our Maison’s watchmakers, you preserve its value, its integrity and reliability.

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You should entrust the maintenance of your Vacheron Constantin timepiece to authorized watchmakers.

Entrusting us with your watch for complete serenity

When you entrust us with your watch, everything is thought out in detail. At your request, we will send you a shipping kit to ensure that your watch travels safely. Upon receipt, we carry out a precise diagnosis and provide you with  a cost estimate of the operations within eight days.

For vintage timepieces and high complications, there will be a delay of four weeks as only our Manufacture in Geneva is able to carry out these operations.

After acceptance of the quote, your watch passes into the expert hands of our watchmakers. Finally, your watch, in perfect working order, will be returned to you at your convenience.

Vacheron Constantin - Repair your Vacheron Constantin watch - Is the work on my watch guaranteed?
Is the work on my watch guaranteed?

Absolutely. When your Vacheron Constantin watch is repaired or serviced at one of our Service Centers or authorized boutiques, the work carried out and the components replaced will be guaranteed for two years from the date the work is completed.

Services lead time

The servicing of a timepiece may vary depending on each particular case. The time-lead of a complete service or an intervention under warranty is approximately 4 weeks, in case the timepiece is received at a boutique providing watchmaking service on-site. The restoration of vintage pieces may take from 6 weeks onwards. These delicate pieces must be intervened at the Swiss headquarter in the specialized workshops for vintage watches.

To discover the exact service lead-time we recommend you to visit one of our boutiques.

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