The FIFTYSIX® collection test driven in London

January 2018

The FIFTYSIX® collection test driven in London - Big

Introducing the « Haute Horlogerie Gentlemen’s Club », featuring stylish, audacious and free-spirited individuals on social media for the launch of Vacheron Constantin’s new FIFTYSIX® collection.


"The encounter between the world of Vacheron Constantin and the world of aspirational connoisseurs. The new FIFTYSIX® collection, with its retro-contemporary style can be worn in any circumstance. This new collection matches perfectly with the “Art de vivre” of these modern gentlemen. Featuring iconic styles and urban individuals, the “Haute Horlogerie Gentlemen’s Club” captures the essence of the new FIFTYSIX® collection. The Club brings to life the modern elegance and relaxed refinement of the FIFTYSIX® collection with a cosmopolitan style that is both contemporary and historically inspired.

FIFTYSIX® addresses the men of the moment, animated by a spirit of independence. Young but expert, connoisseurs but always open to innovation, fans of vintage but steeped in their time, they like watches and are educated to beautiful watchmaking.. but not only. Their universe is vast. A universe depicted like an “art de vivre”, made of passions. Cooking, wines, fashion, photography, cigars, travel ... all essential for these 2.0 Epicureans fed by traditions and particularly their own heritage.

The "Haute Horlogerie Gentlemen’s Club"", featuring @watchanish, @ wei_koh_revolution, @hespokestyle, @fabioattanasio, @alexanderfriedman, @yoshimasa_hoshiba and Mr. Kira 吉良先生, got together in London this Fall to “test drive”  the new collection.


Want to be part of the Club? "