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Les Cabinotiers unique creations

Perpetuating the exceptional expertise of great Geneva watchmakers and enabling exceptional artisans to fully express their art, this is also the mission of Les Cabinotiers department. That’s why Vacheron Constantin endeavors to create unique pieces which have been directly imagined within the Maison.

Signature pieces

Taking on technical challenges and proposing pieces with timeless aesthetics that will delight enthusiasts of fine watchmaking, this is the challenge of the pieces commissioned  by the Manufacture itself.

Perpetually enriched with new feats, these pieces with astronomical, armillary tourbillon, grand sonnerie or sky chart complications represent the very pinnacle of Vacheron Constantin’s technical expertise.

There has always been an intimate conversation between time and space. The course of the planets, the moon phases and the alignment of stars hanging in the sky like a gigantic clock. 

Les Cabinotiers this year pay tribute to the astronomical origins of time measurement with a collection called “ le Temps Céleste”. The result is a range of one-of-a-kind timepieces imagined as the ultimate expression of technical expertise and the perfect illustration of the poetry of time.


A unique piece combining technical challenges with masterful craftsmanship to highlight the Leo constellation.

Three major horological complications are integrated within Calibre 2755 TMRCC: a tourbillon, a minute repeater and a rotating sky chart.

The hand-engraved guilloché dial depicts the Leo constellation, whose stars are set with brilliant-cut diamonds.


A highly technical piece with a retrograde jumping perpetual calendar regulated by a double-axis tourbillon and complemented by a three-dimensional representation of the two hemispheres designed to provide 24-hour and day/night indications.


Featuring a regulator-type display and perpetual calendar with precision moon phases, this unique timepiece is powered by in-house Calibre 2460 RQP. Set with precious stones on the bezel and the delicately guilloché dial, this model combines a technical display mode with an elegant reading of time. 

  • Vacheron Constantin - Creations

    Celestia Astronomical Grand Complication 3600

    One of the most complex wristwatches ever made, displaying twenty-three complications inspired by astronomy in a fully integrated caliber.

  • Vacheron Constantin - Creations

    Ornamental Grand Complication

    A feat of miniaturization and handcrafted excellence displaying 16 complications between front and back dials.

  • Vacheron Constantin - Creations

    Armillary tourbillon High Jewellery

    A precious adornment influenced by the Reference 57260.

  • Vacheron Constantin - Creations

    Minute repeater tourbillon sky chart

    An artwork of complex simplicity combined to a refined and pure design.

  • Vacheron Constantin - Creations

    Perpetual Calendar Regulator

    An original decentered display highlighted by a subtle hand-guilloché dial.

  • Vacheron Constantin - Creations

    Openworked tourbillon
    High Jewellery

    A delicate interpretation of watchmaking, underlined by sapphires
    and diamonds.

  • Vacheron Constantin - Creations

    Cloisonné enamel "The Caravel" 1950

    An inspiration from an heritage piece from 1950 depicting a caravel in the storm.

Thematic collections

Each year, Les Cabinotiers department creates a thematic collection inspired from a creative universe dear to the Maison: l’Eloge de la Nature, l’Art et la Culture, l’Aventure Humaine and l’Astronomie. The uniquely created pieces are magnified by the different art crafts. From engraving in ramolayé or bas-relief, marquetry or an unusual time display, the designers, engineers, master watchmakers and artisans explore the most advanced technologies and most-demanding savoir-faire to bring to life both extravagant and exclusive watches. Each piece from the thematic collection is therefore a small masterpiece which has been created using the perfect collaboration of experts at the height of their art.

Music is all around us; music follows us throughout our lives. By offering the world chiming watches, High Watchmaking has invented still another way in which music resonates with our stories. In this collection, Les Cabinotiers department has chosen to pay tribute to those timepieces through one-of-a-kind creations on the theme “La Musique du Temps”.

Grand complication split-seconds chronograph– Tempo

A double-sided timepiece. An allegory of time, as if time can be controlled, stopped, to savor the present moment.

Astronomical striking grand complication - Ode to music

As a musical score, this masterpiece is a perfect composition of complications. Each complication acts as an instrument and performs together a spectacular achievement.

The singing birds

These enchanting timepieces are artistic interpretations of time linked to the poetic sound of birds.

Symphonia Grande Sonnerie "The sixth Symphony"

A tribute to the art of engraving with a motif depicting the score of Beethoven’s Sixth symphony.

Minute repeater ultra-thin – "The dance of gemstones"

Both Grand Feu enameling and gemstones setting pay tribute to Vacheron Constantin Heritage creations.

From savannah to jungle, earth to sky, myth to reality, the Mécaniques Sauvages features the power of majestic wild animals in an exclusive assortment of one-of-a-kind models. Humming to the beat of a minute repeater, a perpetual calendar or an armillary tourbillon, and embellished with enamelling, engraving and marquetry, the Mécaniques Sauvages springs to vibrant life ready to leap into action.

  • Vacheron Constantin - Creations

    Mécaniques Sauvages Armillary tourbillon Snake

    The hand-engraved snake adds force and character to this masterpiece

  • Vacheron Constantin - Creations

    Mécaniques Sauvages 14-day tourbillon Lion

    The elegance of the hand-engraved case is fostered by the hand-enameled dial using the singular Grisaille technique.

  • Vacheron Constantin - Creations

    Mécaniques Sauvages Mysterious animals Tiger

    A fabulous hand-engraving work depicting a tiger hidden in bamboo stems.

  • Vacheron Constantin - Creations

    Mécaniques Sauvages Wild Panda

    A delicate and meticulous wood marquetry artwork representing a panda.

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