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Celebrating the longevity of our leather straps

Meticulously selected to meet the quality criteria required by the Maison, alligator skin provides all of the advantages of clean resilience and longevity to equip exceptional watches. And because the stringency is demonstrated throughout the production process, no fewer than 60 stages are necessary to make Vacheron Constantin straps.

From the craftsmen hand to the wrist

Just as the Maison pays close attention to the details of the case and movement, a particular focus is given to the strap of each piece. And as always, the gesture is at the heart of the production process. Selected, cut, worked on and patinated... the skins undergo a rigorous and exigent process by expert craftsmen in order to provide Vacheron Constantin straps with a unique aesthetic and outstanding longevity.

Vacheron Constantin's partnership with CITES

While sourcing skins dedicated to the confection of leather straps, Vacheron Constantin together with its suppliers comply to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. (CITES).

The Maltese Cross as a symbol of excellence

Strap Care

Whether leather or metal, your Vacheron Constantin strap deserves the utmost respect. A few simple gestures will enable it to preserve all of its qualities over time.

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The strap bar: a unique personalization experience

Whether it’s the color of the leather, the color of the stitching or the color of the side edges, the possibilities are almost endless to make the strap of your watch entirely unique. You can also add a design or text to the lining of your watch to make it even more special. The strap bar: a tailored appointment for you to discover in the Vacheron Constantin Boutiques.

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