Artistic Collaboration with Omar Al Gurg

“Among The Pillars”

On the occasion of Ramadan, Vacheron Constantin collaborates with Emirati designer Omar Al Gurg to unveil an art installation inspired from the Middle East's rich landscape and Islamic architecture.

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“Among the pillars”

Known for his distinctive minimalist approach, Omar Al Gurg, founder of Modu Method, brings together fine artistry and locally sourced materials, which illustrates the Maison's commitment to local culture, innovation and craftmanship.


The hexagonal pillars stand for the strong roots and foundation of the region's heritage, as well as the origin of time, which was traditionally marked by the projection of a pillar's shadow onto the floor.

Innovative & locally sourced materials

The pillars are crafted from "PlyPalm”, a new material made of regional palm tree fronds, which turns palm tree branches into a statement of elegance.

The backwall of the artpiece is made of "DateForm", the world's first date-seed based solid surface, which transforms date seeds into a decorative element.

Ramadan timepieces Selection

Exhibited across the Middle East Region

The 4-meter-tall art installation is exhibited in the Atrium of The Dubai Mall flagship boutique, and replicated across all regional boutiques in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain.