savoir-faire y oficios artísticos

London Craft Week


Vacheron Constantin, en el corazón de los Oficios artísticos desde hace 260 años y patrocinador de the los Días Europeos de la Artesanía since 2011, in 2015 Vacheron Constantin extended its field of activity to the United Kingdom, a country that is distinguished by its craftsmanship of excellence. The Manufacture is proud to be a founding partner of the London Craft Week, an independent non-profit initiative headed by Guy Salter, Founder and Chairman of the event, along with strategic partners such as the Mayor of London, the Crafts Council, the Arts Council England, the Walpole alliance and the Heritage Crafts Association. The main objective of this week, is to showcase exceptional and innovative British and international craftsmanship. To celebrate artistic crafts, the London Craft Week shines the spotlight on creative talents from around the world in private settings as well as in prestigious galleries or brands. This enables the public at large to discover age-old skills as well as promising novel techniques.


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«Londres cuenta desde hace mucho tiempo con una 'fashion week' y un 'design festival'. A partir de 2015, la ciudad contará con un equivalente para el sector de la artesanía, la London craft week.»

Guy Salter, Fundador y presidente de la LONDON CRAFT WEEK