Training and education

Ecole Boulle


Juan-Carlos Torres, CEO Vacheron Constantin; Christophe Hespel, École Boulle Director; Samira Marquis, Human Resources and Vacheron Constantin Institute Director

The partnership between Vacheron Constantin and École Boulle, one of the largest European art and design schools, provides an ideal framework for promoting and sharing competence in the domain of Artistic Crafts. The programme entitled Métiers d’Art et design: échange d’expertise et de compétence (Artistic crafts and design: sharing expertise and competence), scheduled to run until 2017, consists in entrusting students with creative projects supervised and supported by the designers and craft masters of the Manufacture. The goal is to support the education and training of artisans and future craft masters, as well as to create a think tank and a seedbed for creative projects that may be implemented by the Maison. This association is built around the transmission of skills, the rigorous discipline of each operation, profound respect for workmanship and for artisans, as well as a determination to show confidence in the up-and-coming generation.

The partnership with École Boulle is part of the Vacheron Constantin Institute for Human Capital and Crafts Development. Created in 2013, the Institute is designed to safeguard skills and to attentively follow the work of the men and women who daily strive to perpetuate a name that has been writing some of the finest chapters in Haute Horlogerie for 260 years.

 “This project highlights the close ties between two institutions that are keen to maintain, preserve and develop artistic crafts.”


Presentation of École Boulle

École Boulle, proudly bearing the name of the famous cabinet-maker by appointment to King Louis XIV, André-Charles Boulle, was founded by the city of Paris in 1886. The school is currently one of France’s most important training centres for applied arts, artistic crafts and design. Around 1,000 students train there for 13 different professions, including marquetry, engraving, bronze sculpture, jewellery, restoration, design, interior design, etc. The school is also engaged in intensive further training activities and develops experimental training programmes dedicated to advanced studies for graduates having earned the artistic crafts diploma of the applied arts superior diploma. One of its current fields of development lies in international expansion and exchanges through agreements with schools and leading firms based on specific creative objectives or design proposals. Such is the framework within which the relationship with Vacheron Constantin was established.