An extremely strict homologation and certification process


The Hallmark of Geneva office is today part of TIMELAB – the Geneva L aboratory of Horology and Microengineering. The assessment is conducted by officially appointed sworn inspectors supported by at least one audit of the participating companies a month.


Strict conditions govern the award of the certification:


1. The candidate company has to be registered in the Canton of Geneva. It must also have carried out the assembly, adjustment and casing-up of the movement and any additional mechanical modules as well as the inspection of the cased-up watch.


2. The movement, additional modules and the exterior parts of the watch have to be approved by the technical committee of the Hallmark of Geneva, made up of seven sworn members. Its components are then regularly inspected at the company by the auditors of the Hallmark of Geneva office.


3. All the cased-up watches (without strap or bracelet) have to comply with the criteria of the Hallmark of Geneva. The inspections cover the water-resistance, the rate, the functions and the power-reserve of the watch.


Watches that qualify for the Hallmark of Geneva bear the official seal on the movement and on the case. If possible the hallmark must be engraved on the component that bears the serial number. If the movement has an additional mechanism, the hallmark can be stamped on the plate of the mechanism and/or on one of the bridges.