Patrimony Collection

“Patrimony expresses the quintessence of classical watches. Inseparably bound up with the fundamental company values, this line embodies the timeless elegance of Vacheron Constantin.

The timepieces in the Patrimony collection, from the purest to the most sophisticated, reflect a breed of watchmaking expertise blending technical and aesthetic excellence that has been faithfully passed on and nurtured since 1755.”

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Malte Collection

“Its name evokes the emblem of the Maison, inspired by a mechanical watch component. Inherently technical and distinctive due to its curved “tonneau” or barrel shape, the Malte watch elegantly highlights Vacheron Constantin’s relentless quest for excellence.

In 2012, this line was revisited to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the year this shape became part of the brand heritage.”

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Quai de l'Ile Collection

“The historical home of Vacheron Constantin since the 19th century, the Quai de l’Ile, nestling at the heart of Geneva, is the place where the Maison has perpetuated its philosophy of individualized service, inherited from the Cabinotiers who have forged its history.

In harmony with this principle, the Quai de l’Ile may be comprehensively personalized and epitomizes a modern expression of horological tradition. Customers may thus shape their own creations, born from a combination of several materials, different types of dials as well as movements bearing the Hallmark of Geneva.”

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Overseas Collection

“The sophisticated, technical and sporty Overseas line evokes the world of travel and discoveries through a highly distinctive design and only automatic calibres.

Duly protected against magnetic fields and water-resistant up to 15BAR, Overseas models are intended for devotees of horological complications that are useful in daily.”

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1972 Collection

“The 1972 collection pays tribute to an asymmetrical model created to commemorate the year the Manufacture Vacheron Constantin was awarded the rare and much-coveted “Diplôme du Prestige de la France” in honor of the brand’s unique expertise. Highly creative and imbued with an alternately jewelry-type or dandy-type style, this aesthetic signature is intended for clients seeking a distinctive aura of elegance.”

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Historiques Collection

“In tribute to the continuous creativity exercised by Vacheron Constantin since 1755, the Historiques line offers contemporary interpretations of the emblematic models stemming from the prestigious heritage of the venerable Maison.”

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Métiers d'Arts Collection

“A celebration of decorative techniques applied to watchmaking and jewelry, the Métiers d’Art collection offers an artistic interpretation of time that perfectly embodies the values of Vacheron Constantin – and particularly openness to the world and the transmission of traditions.

Sublimated by the in-house master artisans (enamellers, gemsetters, guillocheurs, engravers), these authentic works of art testify to exceptional creativity and know-how passed on by generations of skilled craftsmen.”

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