Quai de l'Ile retrograde annual calendar : 86040/000R-I0P29
Quai de I’Ile

Quai de l'Ile retrograde annual calendar

Reference:  86040/000R-I0P29
  • Hallmark of Geneva
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The magic combination of technology and design offers you a unique experience - customizing your Quai de l'Ile watch.

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  • The Quai de l’Ile will certainly establish what 21st century haute horlogerie will look like...
    The history of the Vacheron Constantin Quai de l'Ile collection
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Vacheron Constantin and the Hallmark of Geneva

The Hallmark of Geneva is a standard of excellence stemming from the tradition of Haute Horlogerie. It addresses the high-end Geneva watch brands.

It is the guarantee of origin (mechanical movement, assembly and regulation in the Canton of Geneva), quality of workmanship, durability and exceptional savoir-faire.

For over a century, the Hallmark of Geneva has been a reference for quality that is synonymous with the excellence of a traditional savoir-faire.

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