Taking care of your watch on a day-to-day basis

Protection against moisture


In order to preserve your watch's original level of water-resistance, it is essential to carry out an annual check of all its joints at an authorized Vacheron Constantin Service Center.


You are advised to ensure that your use of your watch is consistent with its level of water-resistance. In order to protect the movement from moisture, ensure that the crown is always pushed back in or screwed down against the case, especially after setting the time or adjusting its functions.


If water accidentally seeps inside the case or if you notice any trace of moisture, take your watch as quickly as possible to your nearest authorized Vacheron Constantin Service Center.


After contact with sea water, it is advisable to rinse your watch in fresh water (in the case of water-resistant watches), and then to dry it with a non-abrasive cloth.


We strongly advise you to read carefully the User Guide, which will provide you with all the information you require to make the best use of your watch and its bracelet.