Cercle 250


At the 2012 edition of the “Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Art” (European Artistic Crafts Days) , Vacheron Constantin announced the creation of Cercle 250, an association of patron companies representing over 250 years of continuous activity. The purpose of Cercle 250 is to organize exceptional events in order to protect and celebrate centuries-old know-how through innovative cultural projects. Cercle 250 is open to creation and is home to unusual experiences that work to preserve a tangible and intangible heritage.


Vacheron Constantin created the Cercle 250, destined to preserve centuries-old know-how of prestigious firms.


As the founder and president of Cercle 250, Vacheron Constantin is honored to recruit contributing members to form the Cercle 250 committee. There are five symbolic admission criteria to Cercle 250: each future member must have 250 years of uninterrupted history, reaffirm a high level of know-how, provide evidence of mastery of its value chain, confirm a shared heritage of founding values, and demonstrate an international reputation. Worldwide, some 150 prestigious firms in the areas of tableware, lifestyle, taste and fashion have been identified and invited to join the association.


The backbone of Cercle 250 activities is an annual project acknowledging the excellence of one or more master artisans through the recognition of a tangible or intangible heritage. The projects, which are certified by Cercle 250, will be shared at exhibits, private or public events, colloquia and workshop tours. Cercle 250 will open its doors to the public in order to offer a behind-the-scenes look at these trades.