Discover the Geneva Seal workshop located at the heart of the Vacheron Constantin manufacture, proof of the brand's link to this prestigious label...


Having such a workshop in-house has several advantages:

  • a better control over the way the watches are handled from the moment they leave the hands of the watchmaker to their delivery to the customer,
  • a reduction of unnecessary transportation that can affect the appearance of the watch and put its security at risk,
  • a clear and simple framework for the audits.

The Hallmark of Geneva workshop at Vacheron Constantin is involved at the end of the production process to ensure compliance with the regulations and criteria by testing the functions of the watch:

  • water-resistance tests,
  • testing the functions (for example: the advance of the date over a seven-day cycle),
  • verifying the rate (the watch must not vary more than a minute over seven days),
  • verifying the power reserve.

To ensure that these measures are taken, the manufacturer undergoes regular audits by the sworn staff of the Hallmark of Geneva office. Each inspection stage at Vacheron Constantin’s Hallmark of Geneva workshops is recorded and archived to centralize and facilitate the audits.