Obtaining documents

Extract from the Archives


If you own a Vacheron Constantin watch, our Heritage Department offers you an exceptional service. Our Maison conserves and preciously records all the information concerning our timepieces, even when they are of great age, and is pleased to share its rich history with you. You may thus now obtain from our Heritage Department an Extract from the Archives that corresponds to your watch.

In order to have this document issued, it is not necessary for your watch to be examined by our experts in Geneva.

All that is required is to transmit the number of the case and that of the watch movement to an exclusive Vacheron Constantin boutique or to one of our authorized retailers. You may also contact our Concierge, who will notify you of the cost and the procedure for obtaining an Extract from the Archives.


Contact Our Concierge

To obtain an estimate of the value of a timepiece on the collectors' watch market, we advise you to contact a specialist auction house.
In order to protect your property, Vacheron Constantin will not transmit any information about our vintage timepieces by telephone.